Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Things to miss....

Someone asked what I will miss here when I go to Tha*il/and.

I had to take some time and really think about it because there are some things that I'll miss very much.

1) Sourdough bread. For the past several years, I've been making a sourdough "pizza" of sorts. It includes green peppers, tomato sauce and Italian sausage. Those ingredients will not be available in Th&ai*la/nd.

2) CSI and "The Closer" on TV

3) Certain friends who will be in contact only through email because phone calls will be too expensive and the time zone difference will make easy access to each other less likely.

4) talk radio, the kind of talk radio that gets heated and controversial. I will really miss exciting roundtables on a variety of topics that are likely not allowed in Th/ai*l/and.

5) open, sometimes impolite, political discussions. There's nothing quite like a lively debate on the issues.

6) the easy availability of books in English. Even though they will be available on Amazon, it will take longer to get them and some of them may not be allowed. I like samizdat.

7) the Pacific Ocean, Monterey, Santa Cruz and the Oregon coast,

8) thrift store shopping and garage sales. I've been furnishing my house and getting all of my appliances that way for years.

9) being able to go to a temp agency and pick up work for a day or two when I really need or want some extra money for something. I will not be allowed to work in Tha*ila*nd.

10) having the quirky, unusual "Tha*il*and Gal" identity. Believe it or not, I have more friends and acquaintances than ever in my life, simply because they like the eccentricities of "Tha*ila*nd Gal". (It is more than just the blog. I named the blog that because of my identity here.) Over there, I'll just be another farang. It will be nothing unusual at all.



Pam said...

I like your list, all things worthy of being missed. And although your blog name may not be unusual in your new home, you will remain unique and special.

caro said...

Hi Chani! I like doing that, listing that wich I would miss if my circumstances changed, even though I am not planning on going anywhere. It keeps me in gratitude.

QT said...

Mmmm - i love me some sourdough. usually toasted with a huge tab of butter on it, too.

What an interesting list. You won't be able to work ever? Or is there a waiting period like in the US?

Leann said...

love the sales and those thrift shops.CSI and closer is my space to.and those pizza,s sound sooooo good.yes those things would be hard to leave behind.hope you can find some way to take with you the things you would miss.

Gobody said...

Have you ever made a list of things which you gain against things that you would miss? You seem to me to be living a Thai life on US soil, is the physical change that necessary?

Just a few questions to get you thinking ;)

jen said...

there is always teaching english....or tutoring...couldn't that work?

and used books are all over the place, right?

and while i had the best falafel of my life there - I agree about sourdough.

you'll have all of us farang to continue the light hearted debate...TG!

Ginnie said...

My friend who spent three years in Thailand loved the food. Very spicy but he loved the freshness and the use of rice with everything. He had a car while there but also a Thai driver (who kept the car for him) because small accidents happened all the time and his driver would tell him to get out and walk if that happened and the driver would take care of it...evidentally it was a real big deal if a "farang" was part of an accident. I agree that you seem to be living a Thai life here...would it be possible to stay here and have the best of both countries?

meno said...

I was not aware that there was such censorship in Thailand. I find that sad.

But no sourdough! That's criminal.

crazymumma said...

I have never visited before and I am sorry for that! I just went back to your very first post. How focused and determined you are to live your live with such authenticity. I somehow feel that all of this energy will bring ultimately where you need, where you deserve to be.

Melissa said...

I think maybe you don't have to miss most of that stuff!

1. Well, you will be able to get green peppers and all the ingredients for making tomato sauce are there. Yes, even in a smaller town market! Italian sausage maybe not (though you could make that too)...and you could bake your own bread if you bring your own starter!

2. You can buy CSI DVDs in Bangkok, and I bet in Khon Kaen too...

3. Skype. It is a lifesaver. Cheap, call in and call out. My company has business all over the world, and this is our main means of comms. Check it out.

4. Talk radio...stream through internet. There is Thai talk radio too, once your language skills develop. Censorship is not quite so bad in Thailand...though I'm not sure what topics you mean.

5. Believe it or not, you can have open political debates. People in Isaan especially are really into protesting. They go to Bangkok all the time for sit ins and such.

6. Lots of english language books in Bangkok, and also in larger cities in Isaan.

7. OK, definitely you will miss the Pacific Ocean haha.

8.Yep, no more thrift stores. But markets are fun and good for bargain hunting.

9 Have you thought of getting TEFL certification so that you can get a job teaching if you want?

10. You will no longer be Thailand Gal but you will be Farang Gal...and especially as a single woman you will be really unusual! ;)

One of the great things about Thailand is that you can totally avoid western stuff if you want, or you can get your fix if you need (quick trips to Bangkok or Chiang Mai). And the infrastructure is good enough there that you don't have to be without internet or other technology in your home, which really helps!

Thailand Gal said...

Pam, you made me think. I might change the blog name when I get there. Maybe not. I was thinking of changing it to something like "Hot and humid, stuck inside most of the day, so I thought I'd keep a blog Blog". :)


Caro, yes.. it's a good idea to keep these things in mind. There are certainly things I'll miss from here.. just not enough to keep me here. :)


QT, sourdough. :sigh: That, I will miss! Maybe I'll just have to learn how to make it and order the starter on the Internet. My neighbors will enjoy the smell.

Those on a retirement visa are not permitted to work. They're very strict about that there.


Leann, the pizzas are good.. and very easy to make. Fry up some sausage, onions, green peppers. Put Paul Newman's spaghetti sauce in it, heat it up, pour it over sourdough bread. Delicious. :)


Gobody, yes, I have considered that. I need to be there. Living a Thai life here is a temporary solution but it's not enough. :)


Jen, I was thinking about this.. and I probably will keep the blog going. At first, it wasn't a consideration but the adjustment period will make for some interesting writing ~ hopefully. And, of course, I'll be able to get nearly anything I need on the Internet... so it will be okay. I can bake sourdough bread on the days it's too hot to go outside. It will remind me of Tucson. LOL


Ginnie, I heard all that, too. I won't bother with a car there. There are too many other options and, of course, my feet. :)


Meno, Thailand has a very subtle kind of censorship. It's not oppressive or particularly stifling.. but it's there.

I agree on the sourdough. What's the matter with those people? LOL


Crazymumma, I'm glad you decided to drop by. Sometimes there's something worthwhile here... sometimes it's soporific. Depends on the day. LOL


Melissa... all good points, of course. If I couldn't have the Internet at home, that might be a deal breaker! :)


Thanks, everyone :)



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