Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Conspiracy Theories....

Something smells funny in Florida. In fact it stinks.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a major Anna-Nicole Smith fan. Honestly, I never considered her to be the sharpest tool in the shed and she's not very interesting. She has big boobs and lots of blonde hair. Ho hum. I recall her interview with Glenn Beck when she stated emphatically that she doesn't listen to the news or have an opinion about the war in Iraq because "it's too depressing".

That didn't impress me.

Still, I find this sudden death to be very strange, given such a short period of time since her son died. The only one left is her 5-month old daughter, paternity undetermined, who is set to inherit quite a lot of money. (The Blue-Eyed Thai Girl is definitely a Mistress of the Understatement.) A-NS's estate will live on for a long time and the baby is the sole beneficiary.

I recall Nancy Grace's interview with her mother a few months ago. Her message was "be careful who you hang around with because the next time, it might be you." Makes me wonder if her mother knew something about this situation that is not public knowledge.

Okay. Here's my opinion, for what it's worth:

It was homicide.

What say you?




Laurie said...

I didn't watch the news tonight, so your post caught me by surprise. I'm not an Anna Nicole fan either, but this does smell fishy. I wonder if the truth will ever come out?

jen said...

Ok. First, I don't like to comment on celebrity stuff at all but I will because you asked...when I've seen her speak it always looks like she's hopped up on vicodin. only so much a body can take.

that said, am sorry for her baby, and for the passing of anyone.

Melissa said...

I always was rather repulsed by her. But really, how tragic, and how tragic for her child who still doesn't know who "baby daddy" is.

Fishy maybe, tragic more...

Sad sad.

Anonymous said...

I would say that I don't know who this lady is or was. That's the difference between news that are of interest for the whole world, and the news we call " crashed dogs" in journalistic terms, ie, news that concern only one or two people :)

About love and sex, I wonder how you will treat the subject. I was said by an American friend that I am an old fashioned lady, since now "modern" women can see the things without connection at all, having just sex for sex.
And about love, another American friend was amazed that we don't celebrate Valentine Day, to which I replied that we celebrate it all the days of a year, no need of a specific day.

bodhi said...

a billion dollars is alot of reasons to kill two people (Anna and her son). Howard K Stern would be my number one suspect.

bodhi said...

a billion dollars is alot of reasons to kill two people (Anna and her son). Howard K Stern would be my number one suspect.

bodhi said...

a billion dollars is alot of reasons to kill two people (Anna and her son). Howard K Stern would be my number one suspect.

Bob said...

My first reaction is that it is drug related. (flashback to Marilyn Monroe - people still think she was murdered too). Maybe someone related to her old sugar-daddy got rid of her to stop her from inheriting?

I am waiting on the autopsy results before having an opinion.

MsLittlePea said...

I always thought she was really pretty-with and without the pounds. But not very smart and probably would have gone farther and possibly stayed alive if she had been surrounded by people who truly cared for her-just like Marilyn. I think it's simply just drugs. It's all really fishy though, you're right on about that. I'm sure we'll never know and there will be conspiracy theories a mile high.

QT said...

My finger is pointing right at Howard K Stern, her "lawyer" and drug supplier. Conveniently, her son won't be inheriting any money. I have a LOT of experience with people and their wills - I would bet anyone $100 she had not changed her will to include her newborn daughter. So, gee, who does that leave? I am sure he managed to get himself included, even tho he is not her legal spouse.

Have you seen pics of her on their "wedding" day? He had her so drugged up she probably looked at the pics the next week and wondered what THAT was all about.

meno said...

It's going to be a media feeding frenzy for a long time, that'd for sure.
I find it sad for the baby, but i don't really care what happened to her.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I assumed it was a drug overdose, but as with Marilyn, it has not been determined if someone ELSE overdosed her.

Her mother has stated that she warned her about the life she was leading, but "she wouldn't listen." Her mother is a sheriff's deputy in Texas, I think.

Since the elderly deceased husband's son has also recently died in his 60's, and her 20 year old son died a mere 5 months ago, I've been contemplating how it seems that everyone connected to this vast fortune is dying prematurely, like the Mummy's Curse.

You have to wonder if all these men (3 at last count, including Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband) would be coming forth to claim paternity of her daughter if there were not so much moolah riding on those tiny diapers.

The whole thing is utterly bizarre. I saw her show once and she seemed deeply wasted, although I had no previous experience of her to compare it to. Her bedroom was done in shocking pink leopard print fake fur, which turned me off at least as much as she did.

Still, it's sad when someone with no talent and probably limited intelligence becomes a celebrity because it minimizes the accomplishments of genuinely talented people. This does not speak well of us as a culture, and I use that word advisedly.

Pam said...

She hasn't come close to deserving all the media attention she has been getting, it's insulting to the truely talented and intelligent. It is a sad thing when anyone dies, however, and I feel very bad for her daughter.
As for murder, hmmmm, I'm going with drugs.

Penny said...

I think she was probably self-medicating, due to her recent losses and turbulent life. Her son had a heart defect that could have been hereditary. The post-mortem will be interesting if they release it.

I tend to think it was natural. But, I think that due to her fame status, there would bound to be conspiracy theories.

I think if you put her in context with the average joe, she'd probably be one of those stories that circulate in which the family has just had the most horrific run of bad luck and onlookers tsk tsk and cross their chests when they talk about it.

I don't think she was a threat to anyone, enough so that they'd wait for opportunistic homicide. If someone wanted her dead, I'd say they'd have done it long ago.

Just my two cents.

crazymumma said...

I love me a conspiracy theory. I really do not know,. She was such a train wreck. Poor little baby though, I hope she is well loved somewhere along the road.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

While I found AN to be a complete nut, I can't help feeling sorry for her. I never thought of foul play, but as I watched the news it certainly did seem as though a lot of things are not adding up correctly! I just hope the baby is not made to suffer for the mistakes of her mother!

Attila The Mom said...

This whole thing is bizarre as all get-out. I bet it will be in the news for months. [sigh]

But I bet Lisa Nowak is happy it's taking some of the media-heat of her! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Here's a pretty interesting theory on Anna Nicole Smith. Don't know whether to call it "conspiracy" or what, exactly.