Saturday, February 03, 2007

Melting Inches, Losing Fat - Friday on Saturday and Miscellany

I have to admit that I am still chuckling about the "MILF" label and its meaning.

Most of you probably think I am being less than forthcoming when I admit total ignorance of the alternate meaning. While blaming age is legitimate, the truth is that I am so bored with most movies and contemporary culture that I tune it out. To me, it means "Melting Inches, Losing Fat". If the other meaning is encouraging others to make healthier choices and allowing a community to form for support and encouragement, I'm all for it. It takes what it takes. :)

I have noticed over the past week that my body seems to be leveling itself out, taking on a bit of a different profile ~ a longer, more compact appearance. I don't think I melted inches or lost fat. It is more a subtle change in shape. I attribute that to the "30 minutes walk a day ~ no matter what." I'm beginning to believe there is some wisdom to the idea that our bodies find their own shapes and sizes, regardless of intentional manipulation through fad diets or extreme exercise programs.

In the past, prior to all the technology and industrialization that we all take for granted now, people engaged in a lot more physical activity. Even the act of cooking took a degree of physical effort. People still came in all shapes and sizes but our health was better. We weren't so sedentary.

Most people have a false belief that, for example, all Thai women are thin. While it seems a majority of them are, I also noticed heavyset women. And, yes, even some fat women. The difference between here and there is that their bodies looked sturdy. I could tell the women certainly didn't sit around on their butts all day writing blogs (like me.. *ahem*), watching TV or reading books.

They're active. They're active physically, mentally active, some of them intellectually and most of them spiritually.

That is why I now introduce my very own diet and health program, known as "The Third World Girl's Way to Health and Fitness."

It doesn't involve expensive gym memberships, tapes, CDs, DVDs or personal trainers. It does not include Denise Austin, Dancing to the Oldies, Richard Simmons or Bob Greene. Even Dr. Oz has been relegated to the ashheap of history. Capitalism has been removed from the very simple act of recognizing that our bodies instinctively know what they need and want to function properly. We do not require gimmicks to get fit. We need to cooperate with our bodies. That's all.

It works like this.. a few solid principles: When you're satisfied, stop eating. Eat sensible foods and don't listen to the pundits who come up with a new food pyramid every time their job security is at risk. Walk half an hour a day, no matter what. Take a multivitamin every single day. Stay in healthy touch with your feelings. If you feel sad, cry. Don't eat. Be sensible, be moderate in all things and let our bodies do what they are designed to do by nature which is to be healthy! Be respectful of your body.

Too simple? Probably. No one will believe it works because we're so bloody brainwashed into believing we need something external, some culturally-appointed "expert", to tell us how to do what we already know how to do, if we stop thinking, plotting and planning so much and exchange that for intuition and common sense.


Now.. a minor gripe. We need a rainmaker here in Northern California. The "cold and sunny" weather each day is beginning to grate on my nerves, as though I am in a stupid cosmic remake of "Groundhog Day". Bring on the chants, the rituals ~ whatever it takes ~ and break this pattern!





MsLittlePea said...

What? You mean there's no magic pill to get healthy??? According to my friend who began selling the latest supplements there is....

I agree with you. Eat when you're really hungry-stop when you're full. Walk as much as you can.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

MILF? Sorry, I don't know what that means. Sigh. Why am I always out of the loop? Hell, I don't even know where the loop IS.

I have always followed your 3rd World Girl's Plan, and rarely get sick. I weigh only a few pounds more than I did in my 20's, eat mostly healthy food, and walk a lot or ride my mountain bike.
Repetitive exercise bores me silly.

You are right that our bodies have wisdom, and are programmed to keep us healthy as long as we do not sabotage them.

In our country, there is a sharp demarcation between jocks and intellectuals. Those who live by their brains usually have no respect for athletes, but we all need to understand and respect our bodies more than we do.

Laurie said...

I especially like this statement: If you feel sad, cry. Don't eat. Very wise!

Pam said...

Companies are making billions on fad diets and quick fix solutions. Unfortunately, the only thing that these remidies slim down is your wallet.

What's worse is all the cookie cutter Barbie figures you see on TV. We come in all shapes and sizes, we are diverse and interesting, and if we're healthy we probably look just fine.

Anvilcloud said...

Yes, it makes a lot of sense and seems to be a lot like the Oz diet. One thing, however about the statement, "When you're satisfied, stop eating." That can be one of the problems. Some people have to eat more than they should to feel sated.

meno said...

But, but...who will buy the latest diet books if all we have to do is exercise more and eat sensibly?

Are you some kind of communist against the free market? :)

yerdoingitwrong said...

If you're needing a rain fix, come visit me in Seattle!! =)

Lucia said...

In general, I do follow that plan, but I don't MILF! I do think our bodies have a normal weight and shape, and they do their best to get back there despite of, or aided by, our best efforts.

mommiebear2 said...

Thanks for coming to visit me! Love your blog!!

KC said...

I think you're onto something. Very catchy.

It sounds like you're doing your body so much good.

jen said...

I am too, still laughing about the MILF.

And I agree about the weather. Oh, and I stuck my tongue out at that hot chick in the picture because I am petty and small like that.

crazymumma said...

Sage words. Aside from the obvious lack of control over my appetite, I do all the other good stuff. And cry too.
The chick in the photo has been airbrushed. Not that it matters. But she has.

Julie Pippert said...

I absolutely believe in this! It's my approach too!

"We need to cooperate with our bodies."


As for MILF, well...if people want to ascribe malintention to it, they will, and if people want to be perverted they will. But the truth is, those of us participating know what it really means: do good for ourselves. We each ascribe to it purely personal meaning...whatever it is that we aspire to (health, feeling better, accomplishing a goal, etc.) so "Melting Inches, Losig Fat" works JUST FINE! That's a great acronym.

Paige said...

You've got the right approach! It's all about moderation.

Mother of Invention said...

What's really catching on here is Nordic Walking or Urban Poling. The poles are like ski poles and when moving your arms, you get a higher heart rate and better workout! I love them! Right now it's too frigid to be outside so I do it at an indoor fitness club.(I did a post on it fairly recently but I don't know how to do links within comments!)

Potato Print said...

Hi Thailand Gal,
I really like your anti-capitalist diet. Weight is a major struggle for me. I find your approach refreshing.

I also like your idea that bodies find their own shapes. That makes so much sense.

Congratulations on the Walk No Matter What program.