Thursday, May 03, 2007

One of those days....

We all have them and this seems to be one of mine. I've already impulsively deleted a post that I don't have the energy to re-create and the desire is even lower than the energy.

Ick. Just Ick.

(I'm okay... it's just one of those days I recognize as being one that should not be spent anywhere near a computer.)

The day is made a bit better by this. (click it and find out)




Anonymous said...


I am laughing, but...Dude! do you know how much time I spent thinking about my comment?

Is there such a thing as a timer that will shut down my computer and not turn it on again until a later, appointed time? I need that.

thailandchani said...

De, the post was already gone. You didn't lose anything. Your great comment is on the post it should be. :)

But, yeah... too bad the computer doesn't have a mood-o-meter. When I get in one of my moods, the computer should refuse to work.



slouching mom said...

Have you seen the video gingajoy posted a couple of months ago about two British women trying to figure out what's wrong with their computer? I can't remember their names, but they are well-known comedians, and that bit was freakin' hysterical. It's worth digging into her archives to find, if you need a laugh.

jen said...

dude. i was so glad she came

and i am sorry i missed what you wrote. when i looked in on you at around 6am, it was yesterday's post. am back, and a lot has happened since.