Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some things are inexplicable....

Just one more update on V. Things have changed as they often do, and most often without any forewarning at all!

Last night Che came by for a visit. He brought Chinese food and good will. He visited with V for a few hours, told him to pack a bag and took him off to detox. They left around 9.00 PM. He will be gone for 5 days. After that, Che will take him to a 30-day program.

Things seem to happen for the best under most circumstances. In the longrun, this is probably best for V, instead the more circuitious route we'd come up with yesterday. I'll be curious to hear V's updates as everything progresses.

We're grateful to Che for all of his effort in this - and his willingness to take charge of the situation, make the decisions and manage somehow to convince V. to cooperate. It was unusual to see. V followed along with everything Che wanted without argument.

So I will end the V. saga with the thought that I honestly believe he will be back, his spirit will be back and he will choose a life for himself that is bearable and fulfilling. It usually happens in the oddest ways, at least by my experience. We caught this in time.

When I chose my path, I knew it was right for me, felt it viscerally and carried it out, regardless of anyone else's interpretation of my motives. Outside of a healthy respect for the input of friends and trusted others, I made the final choices. I hope this for him, too. Often when we least expect it, we find wonderful acceptance and fulfillment from following our hearts. People sense that. They know when we are authentic. Of the many reactions to my "unusual" way of life, no one has ever indicated they believe I am doing it for attention, for show or affectation. My happiness shows through and people respond to that.

I have heard a disturbing level of discussion among certain of V's family members that he is "so capable of making lots of money" as though that is the highest value. It disturbs me that anyone would put that kind of pressure on him or "judge" his value, depending on his contribution to the economy. One person's reaction last night was not "I hope he does well and that this will bring him happiness." The reaction was "well, what about work? He's not going to be making any money." What kind of sickness has brought this country to such a utilitarian approach to our relationship to each other? It was pounded into my head as a young person growing up, too. It was all about being a "productive citizen" which really translates to contributing to the economy. I am as practical as the next person but also know that when it's time to bail from that life, it's time to bail. If I hadn't done it two years ago, I would be dead today. I was in the grey area where V. is today.

V. is the kind of guy who loves books, art, literature. He is a gentle spirit who has spent too many years in the cutthroat, competitive car sales business. It has finally worn him down to the point of agorophobia. I know from personal experience the damage that can come from spending far too many years living up to the expectations of toxic and sick social system. By the time I got out, I was nothing more than a shell. I hope he comes out of rehab with the strength to discover his true ambition and live it to the fullest. As I told him one day, perhaps he will decide to become a beach bum. I know of a perfect place and it's about ten thousand miles and one left turn. :)


A comment on "comments". I appreciate the comments that have been left for me here and hope there will be many more. By nature, I am a very accepting person and can take criticism - even a bit of ridicule. I'm thick-skinned. However, I will be deleting comments that include foul language. Someone left a comment last night that is verbally disgusting and it will not be remaining on the site. Feel free to speak your mind - but please watch your language. Thank you. :)


More on other matters later. It's still early here. There is a slight chill in the air which feels refreshing to me, but Little Dog Shanti is reacting differently. She doesn't want to go outside yet. It is as though she stands by the door, turning up her nose. Eventually nature will prevail. Today is expected to be warm in the afternoon. She needs to be walked when it is not too cold and not too warm. It would seem this little dog has me well-trained.

May everyone have a wonderful day today ~

Thailand Gal

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