Monday, September 25, 2006


All went well this morning at the hospital. The three of us sat side-by-side for nearly three hours before we were finally able to get someone to spend some time with V. It got rough a few times when V. threatened to bolt. After that occurred and we talked him into staying, we got into an interesting conversation about things. That seemed to keep all of us occupied.

V. was getting increasingly agitated as time went on. D. was fine for quite a while and she began to get agitated as well. I can relate to this because I used to be very impatient and coulnd't tolerate waiting. I got permission from both of them and went to the admitting desk and very politely asked when we might plan on seeing someone. The woman I spoke with was very kind, looked over toward V. and could see that he was becoming increasingly anxious, probably a result of his fear of open spaces and the fact that he hadn't had a drink for quite a while. The woman did manage to get someone quickly to see us.

We went back to a small cubicle and unfortunately ended up directly next to an absolutely howling baby! V. was laying on a hospital bed and I watched a deep red develope around his neck and begin to creep up his face. When I questioned him, he said he was fine but it looked like a panic attack.

The long shot of this is that the doctor gave him a clearance to go to rehab. The plan is to take him tomorrow morning to a psychiatrist, then to his workplace to pick up a check and then he will go into detox by afternoon. He will be gone for 30 days. Che will handle all of that.

We are still very hopeful that with rehab and by addressing his underlying psychiatric issues, he will have a chance at life.

Thank you to all who sent emails, positive thoughts and prayers. Call me naive. I believe such things work.

I do not intend for this blog to become a daily litany of the trials in my momentarily chaotic life. It won't be necessary for me to mention this here again unless something truly significant happens. This is supposed to be a place for discussion of other things, some light, some not. Part of the reason I wanted to bring it to light here is that it is so significant that I am able to participate in this, handle it and be helpful. There is a time when that would not have been possible. When one is unaccustomed to being a significant presence in the lives of others, we never know what our capabilities will be when confronted with something difficult or delicate. I am honored to have been able to help and be an integral part of helping with another person's healing.

But for tonight, I am bone-tired. I also unfortunately pulled a cartlidge in my knee while exercising. Such is the woeful life of Thailand Girl. Getting old ain't for sissies. :)

All will be well in the morning.

May all have a peaceful and restful night~

Thailand Gal

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