Friday, September 29, 2006


After watching the news this morning, all the violence and political propaganda, I am so ready for Thailand!

Some days I wake up and wonder why I am not there. Practical considerations aside, I begin to yearn for it. That's silly, I know. "Yearning" will not get me there. Nor will "wishing". Now is the time when I must carry out a practical plan and follow through on each part, as time consuming and frustrating as it often gets. This is the time when I must behave as an adult, even though I feel like a child. :)

The only thing holding me back right now is money. Mean green. That will only resolve itself at an unknown point in the future. I believe I know how it will occur, how that money will come to me, but I have no timeframe. It involves a trust and some other gnarly matters and that all depends on whether or not I have been disinherited. At this point, I have no evidence of that. My family situation is more of a "cold war". It's not full blown insurgency. No nukes have been launched from either side.

Not to get too far into that. It's a very touchy subject and far too personal for a blog.

Today is an empty day. I do not have to go anywhere or do anything. The dog is fine, I am fine, D. is fine, V is questionable but not in my hands. We have everything we need for today. So.. for now ... I will go into full "Thailand mode". I will surround myself with it, drink it in and be as satisfied as I can be with the circumstances.

I hope all will have a day filled with whatever makes you happiest ~

Thailand Gal


Anonymous said...

Let's go, Thaitai. Meet me in Phuket and let's see what you look like without the clothes. HAHAHA. Just tryin to be helpful. Yer frend. CJ

thailandchani said...

In your dreams, you old fool! LOL I'll be glad to meet you in Phuket though. When do you want to leave?

Love you, Brother. :)