Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Riddance, 2009!

I am ready for 2009 to be over. Time to put it behind us and move on!

First though, we have to say 'good riddance' to certain things. Here's my partial list of what should be left behind when the calendar flips.

1) Anything with the name "Gosselin" on it,

2) Anything to do with Tiger Woods,

3) Anything to do with the long, rambling, inconclusive and vague discussion about health care reform,

4) Any more horror stories about the end of the world because there's a recession. There have been recessions for years and years. This one is no different. The economy is cyclical. Hello!

5) Snuggie commercials,

6) Any more recaps of the Casey Anthony story, all of which has been repeated endlessly,

That's just a few. How about you? What are you ready to leave behind?



Mel said...

1. bitterness
2. anger
3. dishonest people

oh, and politics. :)

Happy New Year!

Jamie said...

Love this post. I have to agree. The snuggie commercial line made me laugh. :)

meno said...

Levi Johnson!

Sherry Peyton said...

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, and any husband killing wife story....boring.

Unknown said...

leave behind> This stupid eyesight that gives me grief!
All politics!
I agree with the snuggle commercials

ewe are here said...

Would it be selfcentered and shallow to say I'd like to leave the extra eight to ten pounds I'm still carrying behind in 2009?

And Tiger Woods, of course. SOooo sick of seeing his face in the news even over here!

Anonymous said...

All that you have listed plus a few of my own including, as somebody suggested above, Michael Jackson, and also Sarah Palin and her scummy ex-son-in-law.

secret agent woman said...

More personal things, since I really don't pay much attentiosn to the other stuff. I don't exactly how I want 2010 to look, but I know I want it to be different than 2009. Bring on a sane man or two!

Unknown said...

Snuggie commercials..LOL!

Betraying people

The word Bi-Partisan...means nothing and I have grown weary...

Anything that is a new "reality" show.

Famous /Celebrity problems...ugh.

Deodand said...

I definitely agree with you about #4. The world economy can't just grow & grow forever. Why do people think it works that way?

Leann said...

I am ready to leave behind all the tragic stories of men killing their whole families because they think they are 'saving' them. I am ready to leave behind stories of children being killed and molested by sick minded people.

Olivia said...

My silly cycle of:
(1) Reading about people from my past online
(2) Finding out what they're up to
(3) Getting upset
(4) Staying upset for days
(5) Going back to step (1)
I want to learn to let go of toxic people once and for all, even if they're related to me!
Peace and love to you, Chani,


thailandchani said...

Olivia, I totally get that one! I haven't put up my list of personal things to leave behind yet.. but it will be rather .. um... scathing. LOL


Olivia said...

I thought of one more general thing: putting the same exact thing on my resolution list every year. I want 2010 to be different. I want to break through old patterns of a half century.

I guess that all I have is personal stuff, no problems with the news and current events. I just don't listen for a long, long time, and then the news is interesting. It's sort of fun not to know things (like we didn't know about the terrorist attempt while out of town) and then to ask people. Then it does seem interesting.

We need to watch more Spanish television, Chani. It will all seem interesting, puzzling, and keep our attention pondering the cultural differences :)



thailandchani said...

I want 2010 to be different. I want to break through old patterns of a half century.



Jen said...


Sarah Palin.

Pretty much everything on your list, too.

Family crises. Really done with those.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Reality shows, self-absorbed, greedy people and Alzheimer's could all bite the dust and I wouldn't miss them.