Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Personal Intentions for 2010....

I don't go much for resolutions but I can certainly relate to creating some good new intentions. Since I joined Weight Watchers last summer, I have learned a bit about the value of setting concrete goals. Prior to that, I didn't buy in much - but I do now.

So these are my personal intentions for 2010!

1) Of course, as always, to stay clean and sober.

2) To get moved into a new apartment where I will spend the year decorating and creating my very own sacred space. It will be a space where I will feel safe from intrusion and imposition.

3) Letting go of the few remaining toxic people in my life. I will no longer allow people in my life who make me feel "less than" or demeaned. I will no longer allow people to blatantly use me or take advantage of me. I will do this without being defensive or angry. After all, it is up to me to fix me, not other people. It will just become a way of life.

4) I will begin respecting myself enough that those people will no longer find me interesting. I'll stop writing the permission slips.

5) Now that I have lost the weight, I want to put more energy into personal grooming. A good haircut. Nice clothes. This isn't about vanity but self-respect.

6) I will allow faith into my life in a bit more meaningful and less guarded way. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to protect myself and others from scams and false promises that I forget to see the light. I will let some of my natural suspicion and cynicism recede into the background, making more room for the Good Stuff.

7) I will continue tracking transient criminals. I'm good at it and it is a community service I can do willingly and freely.

8) I will create more beauty and do less "getting by" or "making do". No more accepting second best and "less than". I'm worth the good stuff.

9) I will nurture and put more energy into sustaining the community I've only begun to build. I'll be less defeatest.

10) I will create surroundings, activities and a way of life that will no longer leave me feeling ashamed and embarrassed. I never want to apologize for my life again.

So... how about you?



justme said...

mine are: 1. to lose some weight and get to my optimal health. i'm hiring a personal trainer that i've found to help me with this. 2. to quit school. it has destroyed any sense of life that i have and also has made me very unhappy, something i'm not used to. 3. be happy again and not stressed.

Jen said...

Yes, you are certainly worth "the good stuff" - both in terms of physical and personal space and creature and spiritual comforts.

Great intentions, all.

As for me, my intention is to stare out the window more, which I'll be writing about soon. It's not nearly as vapid or frivolous as it sounds.

Anvilcloud said...

Good luck with the good list.

MARY G said...

Perfect list - I may just borrow it. After I get through the Christmas goodies and lose the weight I have gained through most of a year of horrid knee pain.
Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2010.

Leann said...

It sounds like you have some very healthy goals in store for 2010. I have no idea what mine will be for this next year. I'm not very good on following through.

secret agent woman said...

That is a wonderfully sane list of intentions. I am working on one major one that has to do with re-tooling who I let into my lfe.

Unknown said...

I love your intentions!
Mine still have to do with recovery from that nasty tumor and its removal.
Directions are still being discovered for the rest of my life.

thailandchani said...

Justme, those all sound good. Quitting school is hard to understand because that's where I always got some sense of pleasure from it - but if it's holding you back somehow, well worth dumping it! :)


Jen, I totally get you about the staring out the window. It's an age thing. Eventually we don't need constant external stimulation. There's a long story about that. I'll have to post it one day.


Anvil, thanks. :)


Mary, best to you, too! For the weight loss, have you tried Weight Watchers? Aside from the cheesy meetings, the plan really does work.


Leann, there's the old saying about "when your head is there, your ass will follow." When you know what you really want, the rest will come naturally.

(I say hopefully. I really do want the stuff I mentioned.. but have to be so careful about how I do it.)


SAW, why is it that we have such a hard time with people like that? Frankly, I've never figured that one out. There couldn't possibly be that many energy vampires in the world!


Whitemist, I'll bet! Good luck with that. It's got to be affecting every area of your life. Which part of the brain was it? Do you have a post about that?


Unknown said...

Oh this is a brilliant list of intentions and joy to you for the New all sounds sane and amazing and brilliant...thank you so much for sharing it and I may end up writing something similiar for my last 2009 blog.
xo gabi

heartinsanfrancisco said...

An excellent list of intentions! I should work on mine now since I have only 59 minutes left. Thank you for jump-starting me with yours, and a most happy and rewarding New Year to you.

Gail said...


I see you over at Joey's place - "Whitemist". I like your blog a lot and that is a tall order for New Years. Good for you. :-)

For me,it is more of the same while adding "Freedom", or better said, what freedom really means.. I am referring mostly to my illness which has limited me - and I have been adjusting. Within those limits, or beyond them I have many freedoms which deserve my greater attention.
I have survived a lot in my life - and freedom is a precious component to the journey. I look forward to reading more about you and I hope you will come by my place.

Happy healthy New Year to you
Love Gail

and I lie your focus word - "availab'e" :-)

Mariposa said...

Wish you the best with your good list! I'm with you with #3 and #4, and I am putting that in my list too.

Happy 2010 Chani, and may the new year bring you peace, joy, love and good health!

thailandchani said...

Gabi, I'll be checking your site! :)


Susan, I'll be looking for yours, too! HNY!!


Gail, I have built-in limitations, too, and it is freedom (mainly defined as "choices") that keep me going. You have a great looking site and I'll be visiting often!


Mariposa, Thanks. Same wishes back atcha!


Carla said...

Happy New Year! I wish you must success with your intentions as well as much peace and love.

thailandchani said...

Thanks, Carla. I wish the same for you! :)


Cecilio Morales said...

1. To go back to wearing suits and ties, which look better on a man my age.

2. To finish remaking the family museum in which I live into my very own space, with my very own "man cave."

3. To begin new attempts to set my business and work life back on an upward trend line.

Thanks for the chance to write these down somewhere. Keeping fingers crossed for both of us.

AngelP said...

Great list, Chani. You have summed up a great list for yourself. I've enjoyed getting to know you so much over this past short time.

Thank you for allowing me into your life.


Anonymous said...

I also do intentions and some of mine are very similar to yours, with the first being identical.

thailandchani said...

C, those all sound like good intentions. There's something to be said for wanting to move forward. I can definitely identify!


Hi Deborah, thank *you*! Hope to hear you again on the next call!


Ian, yes! Without the first one, all the rest wouldn't matter at all! :)


painted maypole said...

oh, these are wonderful.


I'm trying to be more intentional. right now I am feeling sort of like i'm being swept along, and although I know there are some things I cannot control, I'm going to try to be intentional about the choices I can make within my life, instead of just letting things happen. I am also going to get more intentional in my parenting. I think I'm a good parent, but lately I've been more reactive than proactive, and my daughter needs me to be more proactive.

Gadfly said...

I like the intentions idea!