Monday, February 04, 2008

Okay... so I'm flip-flopping :)

In my spare moments here, I looked into making this blog private which seemed like a really good idea. There are things I want to be able to post about that I can't do publicly and want to do with people I know and have established a good blogging relationship with.

However, I'm linked to a few sites like Thailand Voice, Sacred Life Sunday, Just Posts and Wellness Wednesday that won't be able to connect here without... well.. you know... global access. (clearing throat)

So what I will do when I get home is create a silhouette site. I can't do it from here because of the page load and, honestly, I don't want to take the time away from my family in this house. And that, they truly are! I'll have much more to say on that when I get back and set up the private site.

While they watch goofy movies that I can not understand because of the the language barrier, I often get on the computer and answer email, maybe write a quick post or try to read a few blogs. They understand and all is well.

But creating a silhouette is going to take uninterrupted effort and I can't do it until I get back. I'll name the blog something obvious so that when those of you who have told me you'd like access get invitations, you won't have to wonder who the heck it is! :)

Posts on this site will be obviously public and less detailed but I hope they'll still be good. Well, they will be good because I'll make them good.

Sorry for the bouncing around on this. I realized the other day that I do want to be able to share more freely and can't do that in an open forum. I just didn't think through the implications.

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